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Friday, 24 October 2014

Early Morning Mistakes Everybody Should Avoid.

Are you in bad mood in the morning or throughout the day? You skip breakfast? Here are some few changes you can make immediately after getting up from the bed:-

  • Wake up quietly and move your muscles slowly. When you wake up, turn to your right and get up from the bed. So, spend a few minutes in silence, take deep breaths and sip room temperature water.

  • Immediately after waking up, stretch well. Just three to four gentle stretches and a few breaths will help us throughout the day.

  • Start your day with a cup of lime water or plain water. You can follow it up with green or herbal teas.

  • Early in the morning, do not give preference to your emails / phone calls / social networks etc. Instead follow 20-20-20 time techniques. Spend 20 minutes for exercise, 20 for meditation and 20 for reading something uplifting.

  • Never skip your breakfast as missing breakfast puts extra strain on the body. And you will also end up making wrong food choices through the day. Another mistake we commit is, starting the day with sugar in tea, biscuits etc. It is good to begin the day with a few soaked almonds, whole wheat bread, rotis or some fruit.

  • Being calm in early morning is the most important thing. Before 10 am, listen to natural soothing sounds of nature birdcalls, sound of ocean, chanting of mantras etc.

  • A cigarette or a strong black coffee on an empty stomach can devastate the digestive system over a period of time. It is good to have warm water or digestive fruit juice and / or non-sugary biscuits to protect your digestive system.