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Friday, 31 October 2014

Taking Care of Your Feet During Summer

The summer heat can make your feet dry and rough with the skin peeling off due to bad weather conditions. Here are some useful tips to take care of your feet during summer:-

  • Use Shea Butter for your feet. You have to follow these steps (i) Soak your feet in warm water 10-15 minutes and cleanse your feet thoroughly by scrubbing properly with a sponge to remove dead skin, rough areas and calluses from under the feet. (ii) Now take another tub of warm water and add one teaspoon of Shea Butter to it. (iii) Soak your feet once again for 10 minutes in it. (iv) Pat your feet dry with a towel & (v) Finally, apply little amount of the Shea Butter on your feet thoroughly to keep it smooth and moisturized.

  • Wearing sunscreen on your feet is another solution to protect your feet as during summer season, the feet are often forgotten to protect skin from the sun.

  • In order to keep your feet soft and to prevent dry, cracking heels, use a foot cream regularly at night as part of your home pedicure routine. As such, the skin on your feet needs moisture just like the rest of your body.

  • Always keep coconut oil handy and your feet will need it even in summer. Coconut oil has the ability to moisturize dry, rough skin. It nurtures skin cells and removes impurities in the skin. You can leave your feet with coconut oil on overnight and wear cotton socks. You will notice soft and beautiful feet when you wake up.