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Thursday, 23 October 2014

'Nausea'. Remedies & What to Avoid?

The nutritious and balanced diet makes a person healthy and keeps diseases at bay. The most difficult situation comes, when we ignorantly take such food which helps promoting any disease. 'Nausea' is a feeling of sickness with an incliation to vomit or a feeling of loathing or disgust. Here are some simple tips of what to avoid and what to eat to cure it?

  • Avoid foods, prepared with ghee, oil, hot spices, chilly and acidic juices.

  • Have some pieces of ginger and add with lemon juice. After 2-3 hours, add a little salt and drink. This will treat nausea and will increase hunger.

  • You can also take dates with lemon juice as 'chutney'.

  • orange juice with rock salt and pepper will also cure nausea.

  • Some pieces of radish with rock salt and lemon juice will also help in overcoming nausea.

  • You can also have carrots mixed with black pepper and rock salt.

  • If due to constipation, problem of nausea arises, cut pappaya with black pepper, rock salt and lemon juice will also help.

  • Vegetable salads having radish, cucumber, beet root and mix powder of black pepper / salt will also cure your nausea.