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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bad Breath - How to Avoid?

Even if you have brushed well, something will come up still like bad breath. Here are the best ways to watch your mouth:-

  • It is not the food that is the problem. What actually causes bad breath is left-over bacteria which contains sulfur and it is the sulfur that causes the smell. There are almost 1000 bacteria in the human mouth. We only know about half of them.

  • While the offending bacteria can hang out on teeth and gums, it is most commonly found on the tongue. If you look at your tongue microscopically, it has a lot of grooves. It is an uneven surface and bacteria gets tapped there. Brushing the tongue is very very important.

  • Look at the surface of your tongue in your mirror. If there is a coating (found in most of the peoples' tongue), it is a kind of white-ish and the chances are you have bad breath.

  • Using electrical toothbrush is better. There are plenty of efficient, good-looking electric brushes on the market that will encourage specific brushing habits for better breath.

  • Tongue cleaner is a better alternative as it mechanically removes a lot of junk from your mouth and it is easy to carry out.

  • When we sleep, our mouth becomes dry, and that is why we wake up with morning breath. Hydration is the key. Drinking up is also the easiest way to keeping your mouth clean.

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