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Monday, 28 December 2015

Engineering | Medical Aspirants! Revision Techniques For You.

Revision is something which the medical / engineering aspirants should do on daily basis to prepare for entrance exams. It should start from the very first day of learning. Here are some useful tips (Source : Arihant Publication) :-

  • It is always better to prepare a revision schedule on daily basis and after making the schedule, it is must to possess the will to abide by that.

  • It is not necessary to revise large number of chapters every day. Revision must be slow steady. It must be in the order to get firm grip on all types of questions asked on that topic.

  • Many times, we tend to miss out on writing some points when the teacher speaks. It is best to pen them down when they are still fresh in the memory.

  • Revise as many times as possible the entire subjects.

  • There is a huge difference between revision and repetition i.e. revision is not going through all the notes over and over again.

  • The specialized feature of revision is lessening of time in each and every attempt i.e. the time consumed in revising the same content every time is less than the previous one. Just imagine a potential aspirant can revise the complete content of Chemistry syllabus in about two and a half hours in his 4th or 5th revision cycle.

  • Decrease in the time of revision is possible only when you have a proper analysis of what to revise and what not to revise. Such an analysis can be done on the basis of what you know and what is whipped off from your memory after learning. Every time when you go for only those parts which are whipped off, you find a lesser content to revise. This certainly requires lesser time to reconcile.

  • Understand the concept and do not just mug up. This is a big mistake made by many school going students till the mind maturity. Understanding the concept shows you the actual sweetness of the subject and makes you perceive even more of the subject with enthusiasm.

    The difference between mugging and understanding is that, mugging is a memorizing aspect while understanding is realizing the facts about the subject or topic with its related prior knowledge.

  • Use same notes or books or study material for all the revisions because the page of the book also strikes in memory during answering the questions asked.

  • There is no substitute for hard preparation and excitement and enthusiasm in revision.

  • You are the best to know your situation. Analyze it thoroughly and work out the best method for your revision. Think for yourself. You are mature enough to organize your own study plan. Use your discretion to judge what will work for you and what will not.

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