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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Work-From-Home Environment To Be

Working from home is not that much easy and productive as you think due to distractions. Here are some useful tips to have a good work environment to make yourself productive throughout the day:-

  • First of all, home-office space should not be the couch in front of the TV nor in bed. Having and allotting a dedicated work-space in your apartment / house is important. Always using the same place will help you associate that area with focusing.

  • How you spend your time is one of the great things about working from home. It requires that you actually set and stick to a schedule. Starting and ending work at the same (like office hours) will help you stay on task during the day. Fully dedicate this time to work. You should make it clear to all your family members at home not to disturb you. Have a very short breaks of 5-10 minutes but stick to it.

  • Your dress (even if you work from home) should be at least in a presentable way and not in sweatpants and a giant T-shirt, as you might be called for on to a video-conference.

  • Getting out of the apartment / house once in a while will stop you from getting stir-crazy and help you stay focused when you are on the clock. If you are regularly working from home, head to a nearby coffee shop for while. Walking outside on a short break will also be helpful.

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