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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Women! Stress-free Life Tips for You

Women are likely to suffer from stress because of their emotional nature. Hence, itis imperative to destroy the bondage of stress and get onwith a positive outlook in life. Here are some useful tips to get rid of stress for women:-

  • Never look back with anger, regret or sorrow. Leave the old pages of your life closed. They cannot ever be rewritten. Use your energy in improving the future.

  • Do not allow your friends or family members / relatives to make negative remarks about your life and its difficulties all the time. Do not pepper your conversations with criticism, jealousy, grumbling, judgements and revenge. Do not hurt people by design. Allow people to be and earn the freedom to be yourself.

  • Concentrate on your own progress, not on others faults. Taunting, putting down othersand gossiping about them becuase they are less than you signify a mean character. Concentrate on your own efforts to rise higher in whatever you do. Do not misconstrue remarks and form wrong opinions of people based on wrong information.

  • Observe a few minutes silence every few hours to get your equanimity back. Meditation helps to create a pool of peace in your heart and clarifies your view of the world. Dream of being happy busy and successful.

  • When your work yields results or you complete an assignment satisfactorily, be content that you have the opportunities to do what you like and achieve success.

  • Enjoy your food you eat and praise people for their efforts. Say a quiet 'Thank You' to your parents and look after them.

  • Define realistic goals for yourself and your family. Be well- informed about these and the knowledge required to succeed in achieving them. Meet or read about people who inspire you and give you new insights about life. Such people see beyond the obvious and help you develop your vision for the future.

  • Stop and think for a moment whether your judgement of people or situations is right. You may need to rethink many times over before you go ahead with a project or a financial decision. Listen to others, but hold your own counsel based on knowledge and research.

  • Review your progress from time to time and take corrective action if needed. Find like-minded people who can contribute to your efforts or join you with positive inputs. Once you are on the path to achievement of your goals, you will be a different, confident person.

  • Never let the light of hope vanish from your life. Life never stands still and every day is precious for us to conserve our energy and achieve our goals.

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