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Monday, 7 December 2015

Superiors! Managing Smarter (than you) Subordinates.

The best superiors hire smart people to work for them But how to manage those subordinates who are smarter than you (as a superior)? Here are some tips:-

  • Add value. Perhaps the best way to gain credibility and trust as a manager is to demonstrate the value you add to the team.

  • Keep your comments to areas where you have authority and legitimacy. Make sure to get as much as you give. Make it clear to your subordinates that that you are also comfortable by getting feedback from them.

  • Learning is a two-way street. Tell your subordinates that you want to learn from them.

  • It is important to project right amount of confidence. Take yourself and others seriously. Know when detail is necessary and when it is not.

  • If any of your subordinates express concerns about your ability to lead, address the issue head-on. Be honest and be willing to be vulnerable.

  • Your role is not only be smartest person in the room but also to make space for your subordinates and to enable things to happen.

  • It is natural to feel insecure about your ability to manage someone who has more specified knowledge. Consider whether your fear is based in reality. If no one has said anything to you directly or indiectly, look deeper and ask yourself, where is this fear coming from?

  • Talking to peers, coaches and mentors about your feelings and fears of inadequacy will help you feel less alone and may also give you ideas on how to handle the situation.