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Friday, 25 December 2015

Earwax - What? Solutions.

The accumulation of earwax is quite a common problem. Earwax is not only irritating but also can have serious health repercussions as well. Earwax is produced by glands in the ear canal to prevent dust and other particles from reaching the ear canal. Here are some ways to remove earwax:-

  • A syringe shaped like a bulb at the bottom can be used to remove earwax. It works better if the water or solution inside the ear is kept for a few minutes. Laying down on your side, with your ear facing upward would be best in this situation.

  • Ear-drops help in softening dried up & sticky earwax. After applying these, the earwax will simply be drained out of the ear after five minutes. This is a popular and safer method compared to using cotton ear buds which have the potential to drive the earwax deeper in to the ear canal.

  • Using a curette is essentially a medical procedure done by an expert. Curette is a surgical instrument shaped like a spoon that removes earwax with a scraping action. This is an effective method for instant relief but should be undertaken by a qualified medical practitioner only.

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