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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Diabetes - Ins & Outs

Diabetes is dangerous because of all the complications that occur due to it. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure and it also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 2-4 times. Some other useful information about 'Diabetes' is given below:-

  • The major factor of diabetes is positive family history. Other factors are, sedentary life-style, obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, high BP and for women, during pregnancy and / or delivering baby weighing more than 4 kg.

  • Life-style changes, dietary modification and use of dietary medication, anybody can bring down the risk of developing onset of diabetes by 60%. It is surprising to note here that even 1 kg. of weight loss is associated with 16% reduction in diabetes risk.

  • Healthy lifestyles (regular exercise, avoidance of smoking, moderation of alcohol) & healthy eating (eating vegetables / fruits & avoiding fast foods) will play a major role in controlling body weight and diabetes.

  • Diabetes, if not managed well, will damage eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart, gums and teeth.

  • Some other Fitness Tips to overcome / prevent 'Diabetes':- (i) Instead of using lifts, use stairs in your apartment / office building. (ii) You can walk even when you are over your phone. (iii) Whenever possible, prefer walking like going for grocery shopping if distance is short instead of using vehicles. (iv) Even when watching TV, take a short walk during commercial breaks.

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