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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Keeping Your Heart Warm During Winter

During winters, there is an increased demand on the body to generate heat to keep itself warm. Here are some simple tips which anybody can follow to keep the heart warm during winter season:-

  • Simple activities like climbing stairs rather than taking the lift does so much for your heart. The heart pumps and beats faster, leading to exercising of heart muscles.

  • Wearing warm clothes, taking warm fluids and having good nutrition to protect will help in protecting against throat and chest ailments that precipitate cardiac problems.

  • Consuming alcohol makes one feel warm initially, but drinking too much causes harm in the long run, besides being addictive. So controlling the alcohol intake will keep your heart warm.

  • Going for a morning walk with well-covered in warm clothes and undertaking indoor activities like yoga, aerobics, tennis, zumba or other indoor games will help in overcoming the problems during winter season to keep the body warm.

  • Increasing roughage, high-fibre diet, good protein and limiting carbohydrates are essential to maintain the body weight during winter.

  • Drastic climatic changes take toll on the functioning of the body. Kidney patients also need to be careful with respect to their water intake and urine output, and should keep their doctors' appointments without fail.

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