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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Loud Noise - Negative Impacts & Preventions

Listening to loud music nowadays has become a trend among the youths and teens. Loud Music is harmful when one is unable to hear any other sound except the music blaring in the ears.

  • It is harmful when the volume of the MP3 player is 60 per cent or more of the maximum limit. It is basically harmful when it involves a short-term exposure to decibel levels above 110 or a long-term exposure to decibel levels above 85.

  • Listening to loud music through the headset over a long period of time may cause permanent hearing impairment or ringing in the ears.

  • Loud Music tends to affect our whole neurological system resulting in a lifetime of chronic diseases. A protective coating called myelin obstructs the electrical nerve signals.

  • Generally, happy and content individuals prefer soft and peaceful music instead of loud music. If one has an affinity towards loud music, he / she is trying to avoid paying too much attention to his own life. There are chances that a person can go into chronic depression by too much repression.

  • To protect your ears, take regular breaks from your headphones to give your ears a rest. Stop setting the volume above 60 per cent of the maximum.

  • Invest in noise cancelling earphones as these help to decrease the temptation of increasing the volume.

  • Use musician's earplugs or earmuffs, varying in degrees of attenuation which generally over-attenuate the high frequencies resulting in the reduction of the sound quality.

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