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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Resume Mistakes To Be Avoided

Employers / Companies / HR Department are under pressure to find the best person. They spend an average of just six seconds on each resume. Give more importance in that six seconds to key areas like candidate's name, current job title / company, previous employers & educational qualification. Applicants who are direct and get right to the point are more likely to catch the attention of recruiters. By putting yourself in recruiters' shoes, you have to think like them and look at your resume through their eyes. Here are some common problems / mistakes of most of the job-seekers:-

  • Absence of covering letter is the first and foremost problem. So job seekers should take an initiative and include a cover letter by finding out the HR / Senior Manager's name through linked-in and address them personally. But, the cover letter should be short, simple and to the point and highlighting the qualifications / experience.

  • Resume format is another important issue. The format should be as easy as possible to read. It should be easy to open, read and pass it on to others in the company. PDF format with your name as file name as an attachment will be more useful.

  • Choose simple words to communicate about you and avoid unnecessary words that might slow down processing.

  • Your accomplishments (both academic and professional) should be focal point of your resume. Choose a clean layout with bullet points highlighting your best achievements.

  • Make sure that from beginning to end of your Resume, it is 100% gramatically error-free. And your Resume should not be too lengthy Maximum 2 pages are enough and not beyond 2 pages.

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