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Monday, 7 December 2015

Coconut Oil - Summer Benefits

The benefits of coconut oil are many. Here are some tips to apply coconut oil and its uses during summer season:-

  • Coconut oil has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of up to 8. Though the protection is not high, still applying it often on the skin makes it less susceptible to burning.

  • The sun robs your skin off water content and leaves it dry. Often, we tend to have dry patches near the lips, temples and ankles. To retain moisture, dab coconut oil on all exposed body parts and rub it gently in circular motion till it gets absorbed.

  • Exposure to sun for a longer period can affect the paper-thin skin near the eyes. Coconut oil is a wonderful under eye cream. It can improve dark circles and keep the area wrinkle-free. All you need to do is just rub some on the area without applying too much pressure.

  • When the moisture in the skin is lost, it can aggravate conditions like eczema. Applying coconut oil on the red patches and flaky areas of the skin can provide you relief from itches and allergies.