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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

'Dengue' Fever. Causes & Remedies

Dengue emerges as one of the most troubling health problems. It is estimated that globally there will be 50-100 million dengue cases annually in the coming decade.

India emerges as the country with the world's highest dengue burden, with about 34 percent of all cases occuring here. Here are some of the causes of & remedies for 'Dengue' Fever:-

  • Dengue is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. This mosquito breeds in water collections in ornamental pots in houses, indoor money plant containers, open water storage tanks, overhead tanks, sumps in ongoing construction sites, broken pots & discarded cups.

  • It is important to ensure that ornamental pots are drained out every week, overhead tanks are shut tightly and indoor water storage tanks are shut tightly to prevent breeding.

  • Avoid wearing half sleeves and shorts during monsoon. Use mosquito-repellant creams or nets at home. Ensure there is no source of mosquito breeding in and around your home or work place.

  • At a community level, ensure that water does not stagnate in containers, coolers, tyres and broken pots. Half-broken tender coconut randomly discarded is found to be a very good breeding site.

  • During monsoon season, many find themselves afflicted with several kinds of viral infections and fevers. Although it is largely harmless, beyond a week, it may indicate dengue and it is important to guard yourself effectively at times like this.

  • In case fever continues fore more than three days with rashes on the body and intense headache, consult your doctor.

  • If detected with dengue, (i) do not take it lightly, follow your doctor's advice. (ii) take medicines only prescribed by a doctor. (iii) drink plenty of fluids (iv) drink plenty of fluids (v) take complete rest.

  • In case of vomiting or you have dizziness, it is better to get hospitalized.

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