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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Head Lice - What? Why? Solutions.

Head lice are small wingless insects that live on the scalp feeding from the blood. Here-below are the causes / symptoms of & solutions for head lice:-

  • Baby lice are extremely small but mature within 10 days and then they begin to reproduce. Female lice lay several eggs a day and adult lice can live for a month.

  • Lice are spread through head-to-head contact. Most common places where-from children get affected are, playing with friends, after school activities & visiting family. Clean pillow cases should be used in trains and at hotels.

  • The best known symptom is itching. Regular checks with a head lice detection comb helps. Using white lice detection comb will be ideal.

  • It is misunderstood that itching is caused by lice biting but by an allergy to lice.

  • In some cases, a rash may appear on the back of the neck. This is caused by a reaction to lice droppings. Sometimes, tiny spots of black can be seen on pillows and collars.

  • Anti-lice shampoo will protect children from parasites by breaking the life cycle and killing lice before an infestation can be established. Natural remedies like tea tree oil and mayonnaise are effective in eradicating head lice.

  • Children aged 4-11 are most at risk as they are in close contact with each other. Leaving head lice untreated can lead to a long term untreated infection.

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