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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Skin Shining Tips

Some major skin problems that occur due to over-exposure to the sun include fine and coarse wrinkles, benign tumors, age spots, discolored areas of the skin, the dilation of small blood vessels under the skin, the destruction of the elastic tissue causing lines and wrinkles. Here-below are some useful tips to keep your skin shining:-

  • Keep your body hydrated. Drink at least six glasses of water a day.

  • For sunburned skin, apply a lightweight lotion containing antioxidants. Use of antioxidants will help, lessen the damage that occurs deep within the skin and encourage repair.

  • Change your skin care products. Get your skin analysed at a dermatologist's clinic to know which products to use during the summer season. The products which protect you in winters, may not do wonders in summers. Change the skin care products with season change.

  • Wear sunglasses to cover the eye area from harmful UV lights.

  • Use broad spectrum sun screen (SPF30) for sun protection. Apply it two to three times a day.

  • Try to cover your body as much as possible. Wear wide-brimmed hats to cover face. Wear loose cotton clothing to avoid tapping of sweat which may lead to body acne.

  • Invest in dermabrasion session at a dermatologist's clinic for exfoliation. Opting for hydra-facial medi-facials also helps the skin restore hydration.