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Monday, 14 December 2015

Overcoming Interview Anxiety

Interview can be pretty scary, but there are following ways to overcome interview anxiety:-

  • Wearing business clothing shows that you are serious about the job though the company is famous for its jeans-and-hoodies dress code.

  • Imagine a successful interview and experience what it feels like with all your senses.

  • If you have made it to the interview stage, you have got something that the company wants to explore further. Bolster your self-confidence.

  • To know about the company's culture, innovation and risk taking policies, talk to its existing employees whom you might know

  • Also learn about everything about the company by browsing the net.

  • Scope out the interview site in advance to know time to reach the place, parking space available etc.

  • Do some physical exercise in the morning and the night before, moderate your alcohol intake to have a sound sleep.

  • Figure out your response to common questions. There are almost always the tried-and-tired questions of your strengths and weaknesses.

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